The Harder-Poteschte is an old national custom. Youths wainscoted as mauntain trolls form a large procession through the city of Interlaken. They are accompanied by traditional music and reel bands. The route they follow is: Marktgasse, Stadthausplatz, Räuberecke, Bahnhofstrasse, Grand Hotel Victoria, Jungfrau, Marktplatz.

The procession finishes at the «Marktplatz» with the decoration of the best masks. The event is then followed by numerous parties in restaurants and bars all around the city.

Date: 02. January
Time: 02.00 pm - 04.00 pm
Location: 3800 Interlaken

Tourist Information:
Interlaken Tourism Phone: 0041 (0)33 826 53 00
Harder-Potscheten Club, Ms. Maja Thali, Phone: 0041 (0)33 822 99 81

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